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Seremban is a tranquil place where it is a tremendous environment for education. Ambitious Academy is located at Oakland next to the new township of Seremban 2. Ambitious Academy has obtained Academy Adelphi Worldwide in Seremban in the year 2015 in which is a Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK)’s Approved Center. Both of the Academies have targets to assist students with financial difficulty by offering programs that follow the Skills Malaysia structure. Ambitious Academy Seremban which is the first branch after the Skudai Branch offering Culinary Arts course which is designed to accommodate the low-income families by work and study program to whom desired to become a Culinary Master in the future, this program is offered in such 80% Western Cuisine and 20% Chinese Cuisine making it a Chinese Fusion blend for student to gain more knowledge in the cookery industry. Moreover, the F&B work and study course in Seremban is tailored to suit the market demands in the service industry. Patisserie's full course is to cater to those who have high-density interest in baking cakes and pastries.

Our Facilities

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Our facility is installed to accommodate studies who study in our premises, our 2 current kitchens, and 1 new built kitchen is sufficient to accommodate around 100 students at the same time. Moreover, a new built of real-life Mock Restaurant essential for the student to practice their service skills and hospitality demeanor.


Our Deparment

We have 2 directors station in Seremban Branch, 5 people keeping up the Academic division, 1 Career development personnel, 3 marketing personnel, 1 business development Person-in-charge, a chauffeur and Accounting & Finance and the HR Division stationing in Seremban making Seremban branch as the Headquarter.

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Ambitious Academy has been established since 2012 with the specific purpose to meet the increasing demand for trained professionals in the Airline, Cruise, Hotel, Restaurant Service, Hairdressing, Childcare, and Digital Marketing industries.


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No 16, Jalan Persiaran Skudai 8,
Pusat Perusahaan Skudai 8,81300 Skudai Johor.
No 651-654, Jalan Haruan4/9,Oakland Commercial Center,70300 Seremban , Negeri Sembilan.